Rental Furniture

Rental Furniture

En-gage Auctions is passionate about providing a comprehensive and quality driven range of furniture to a versatile range of clients with definitive budgets.

Our affordable range of rental furniture includes, but is not limited to the following:\

· Black Arm Chair

· Black Comfort 2-seater

· Black Ottomans

· Black Square Chair

· Black Two-seater Basic

· Blue Comfort 2-seater

· Green Comfort 2-seater

· Leather Line Chair

· Padded Shell Chair

· Patio Set

· Red Comfort 2-seater

· Retro Shell Chair

· Round Bar Chair

· Round Radial Chair

· Translucent Coffee Table

· Translucent Stacking Table

· White 2-seater Basic

· White Arm Chair

· White Chair with Black Stripe Detail

· White Ottomans

This unique concept of rental furniture from En-gage Auctions enables clients to customise their budgets and spaces simultaneously.

Be sure to contact En-gage Auctions for more information regarding the affordable, yet quality driven rental furniture solutions. 

Black Arm Chair
Black Comfort 2-seater
Black Ottomans
Black Square Chair
Black Two-Seater Basic
Blue Comfort 2-seater
Green Comfort 2-seater
Leather Line Chair
Padded Shell Chair
Patio Set
Red Comfort 2-seater
Retro Shell Chair
Round Bar Chair
Round Radial Chair
Translucent Coffee Table
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