Haywood Range

Haywood Range

The Haywood Range is synonymous with quality and the highest calibre of standards at the most affordable prices. The Haywood furniture series is exclusive to En-gage and has a multitude of components that can be incorporated into various spaces such as homes, offices and other miscellaneous spaces.

The Haywood furniture series includes the following:

Haywood Beds

This category of Haywood Beds includes the Harrison Bed, Lara 4-poster, Long Island Bed, Marseilles Bed, Mono Bed, Plaza Bed and Stuart Bunk.

Haywood Chairs

Included in this category is the Amber Diner, Anne Diner, Dining Bench and Grand Diner. In addition to this, there are also Habitat Diner, Highbury chairs as well as Hudson Diner furniture pieces.  

Haywood Chests and Dressers

The Bahama Dressing Table, Cheval Mirror, Harrison Dressing Table, Harrison Low Chest and Indo Chest 1200 are some of the components included in the Haywood Chests and Dressers category.

Haywood Dining

Modernise your dining experience with the quality range of Haywood Servers, Haywood Sideboards as well as the Haywood Tables.

Haywood Headboards

The Harrison Headboard, Indo Headboard, Oasis Headboard and the Oslo Headboard contribute to this subcategory for a multitude of beds and sizes of the rooms.

Haywood Home Office

Be productive in the comfort of your home with the Calla Rose Bookcase, Calla Rosa Desk, Harrison Antique Bookcase as well as the Haywood Tressle table.

Additional components of the Haywood Range include the Haywood Kids Furniture range, the Haywood Lounge range and Haywood pedestals.

In addition to this, we make the ordering and delivering process as seamless and efficient as possible.

Contact En-gage Auctions for more information regarding the impeccable Haywood range. 

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